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Not Dead, Just Dreaming

My apologies to my few but loyal followers here at LIMW. I have left the blog to languish for long enough now that I need to face facts - I am likely to be on hiatus for an indefinite period.

To make a long story short, LIMW was started in part in anticipation of several things that have not actually come to pass in the time frame I hoped for or in the form I wanted. These various projects, among them a new and expanded version of the game, the Visual Novel project and card game project that BlissAuthority is working on, and my own efforts at a "quickstart" version of the game, are all still in motion as far as I know, but I don't want to set any particular time frame on when I expect them to happen.

I intended to fill the space here with my own material in the interim and work on creating a meeting-point for those interested in the game and in these allied projects. I felt I had plenty of ideas to fill the space until then. But I found that after my initial spate of creativity I had little worth publishing here that seemed likely to be of benefit.

My intent for LIMW has always been that it would be centered around the game itself and only secondarily all the various intersections of the game with other things - mecha, young adult fiction, anime & manga, fanfiction, etc. Yet time and again I found that in the absence of either a regular stream of news and developments about the game and allied projects or an active community of play all I can really do here is the equivalent of "let me tell you about my character".

I'd rather not do that.

When there's things that I do feel are worth talking about, I'll post about them. If *you* have Bliss Stage news, ideas, or what-have-you that you'd like to post about or would like *me* to post about, please tell me about them.

But for the moment I'm going to go play.

Thanks for reading, and Watch This Space.


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