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Game Recruiting and a Con Report

You know, it struck Mark recently that this place is where a lot of us go INSTEAD of going to play Bliss Stage.

So, I'm going to be recruiting for internet based demo games. These will be mid-game mini-campaigns, one to four sessions in duration, based on the Love Is Your Weapon visual novel (and probably used to mine for ideas, but you know). I will be able to accept 5 Pilot and 4 Anchor players for each one. Post a comment if you're interested, and I'll give you my e-mail address.

Also, I recently did some shilling at Fanime 2010 (late post, I know). Here are the Very Silly Stats:

Most Effective High Concept For Selling Anime Fans
"The game is a tabletop game that plays like a cross between Fallout and Persona 3..."

Favorite Interlude

Joshua asks Gabriel "Uh, so, you kissed me after that mission. Are we friends, or-"

"YES. That's all we are."

"Thank GOD. Between Sara and Merry dancing round the question I didn't need you doing it too."

Coolest Symbolism for a Weapon

Sara's relationship to Joshua as an electrified lance.

It's sharp as his tongue, it's a long thrusting weapon for a boy she might have PSL for, and the intense charge on it both shocks her with it's intensity and paralyzes her with indecision - being near that spark makes her hairs stand on end...

Most Valuable Anchor

Luiz Corazon (Tempestuous), for repeatedly rolling + in Sara's chassis across games. Innocent Sweethearts with a 2/5 slot in a Tempestuous Anchor own defense.

Worst Fanon Term I'll Regret Introducing

A whole generation of fans will think that Jim Preston is always Colonel James Paul Preston, USMC - and that there's a medal called the Wounded Heart in Bliss Stage proper, which is a purple heart plus 3-of-swords symbolism. I apologize in advance to Ben Lehman.


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