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Friday Flicks: Submarine Mecha Pirates on Mars!

Yeah, that's definitely a winner in the highly competitive field of "anime/manga concepts that are just too gonzo to be real." But Mars Daybreak exists... and while it's nothing revolutionary in its genre, it's not bad, and does have some pretty unique ship/mecha designs.

Mars Daybreak is the only mecha show that I know of where the majority of the action takes place on or under water. This obviously has some resonance for Bliss Stage players, given the Enemy's affection for watery environments. I usually try to include some submarine missions in games I am involved in.

The Round Bucklers (mecha) and submersible ships take full advantage of the unique environment - battles in this series are mostly not just formulaic aerial/space dogfights with a blue filter and some bubble effects. Pressure, drag, visibility, and other factors are given at least some respect - although not to the point of "realism", I must admit.

Today's first Flick is the US trailer for the DVD release - good clips from Mars Daybreak are tough to come by on line, and I'm not industrious to remedy that myself....

This AMV gives you a pretty good look at some Round Bucklers in action.

Anybody have any favorite submarine or submersible mecha they'd like to point out?


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