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Early Visual Novel musical inspiration

Just dug round my Project Playlist account and I found this pile of Interesting: some old playlists I posted to Project Playlist from both my old Bliss Stage campaigns and for the benefit of the Visual Novel musicians.

The very first playlist on there, the one labeled 'Bliss Authority's Playlist,' was what I posted as background music for the one-shot that came with BS First Edition, 'Final Act' - while not the origin of Joshua Preston, Sara Smith and the others (those were a series of playtest games in Oakland that Ben Lehman ran), it was their first appearance in print. Some of the others are tied to campaigns I was running - and currently am a part of (Metal's Quicksilver campaign and my own Depth Perception).

But most of the rest - the ones named after the characters - are very early brainstorms about what the image songs and background music of the characters from Love Is Your Weapon sound like.

Some of them are painfully obsolete - Joshua CastellanoPreston should have a little bit of El Coro Hispano from his mother's side and some Irish Protestant music in his playlist now - but it's still interesting, to VN fans and to people who've played the one-shot; check it out.


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