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Vignettes: Operation Bethlehem, Part III

Why am I doing this? I'm not even a real Anchor yet. Just training with Big Bro to be backup.

Do I have to always do whatever people tell me to? I am so going to get in trouble for this, no matter what Jaye says. She's crazy, talking about Santa Claus and shit.

I almost said no, but ... this is my chance. To get her to notice me. She's not that much older than me, and it's not like there are a lot of girls my age in the Resistance who aren't totally stupid. I liked her as soon as I met her. Big Bro says she's "out of my league" but he would say that. I'll always be a kid to him.
"There's nothing on the readings, Jaye. I show your ANIMa ready to go."

"It's a beautiful night, Dean. All the stars are glittering, and there's no fog at all."

This is a big deal. Usually there's fog everywhere in the other world, according to the pilots. When Rainy ... in Operation Walleye, after that, there hasn't been much fog. But totally clear, and stars? That's different.

"Are you sure? That's great! You should hurry, though. The longer this takes, the more likely we are to get noticed." By Doc or Dana, if not the bad guys. I'm not sure which worries me more - Jaye can take care of a couple Nightmares, but ...

"I'm taking off. Let me know if there's any sign of trouble."

I'm not totally sure I'd know. I know what the lights on the console are supposed to mean, but... this is the real thing, not just a little walk around the perimeter or over to the Farm to test me out.

Her voice comes through again. "Wow.... I wish you could see this, Dean. Everything looks tiny and white with snow. Like that glass ball thingy that Anita gave me last Christmas. But I have to get higher up."

"Are you sure? Can't you do ... your plan thing... from there?"

"I want everybody to be able to see. I'm going all the way. To space. To the North Pole."

She didn't tell me about that part of the plan. I really don't like this.

"Jaye, no. It's too dangerous. What if the bad guys see you?"

"Come on, Dean. It's Christmas. Believe in me. I'm going to add some rocket boosters - bring Andy on line."

Rockets. Big Bro would like that.

"Big Bro Booster, coming up!"

"Hey Dean, how come you always call him that? He's not your real brother."

"So? He always took care of me. Took care of all us Dogs before we found you guys."

I start to relax and chatter with her - funny how it's easier to talk to somebody, even a girl you might like, when they're just a voice. That's when the beep starts.

"Jaye! There's a warning. Something up ahead of you, some sort of barrier or something. And I have 3 Nightmares... big ones... ascending from the Chicago nexus. I'm going to pull you out."

I knew she wouldn't go for that. "NO! I can outrun them. These rockets are amazing. I can see the Earth like in pictures! Let me finish the mission, Dean. Please."

Please. I can't ever say no, can I?

"Yeah, some sort of ... webs? Ice webs. They're getting all over me. And I see the....zzzzt....zzzt"

Crap. Lights are orange all over the board now. She's in trouble. And I've lost contact. Can't pull her out now if I wanted to. And I kind of do, crazy Christmas mission or not.


"Jaye! JAYE!!! Talk to me! What do I do?!?"

"zzzz....Almost there.... dropped the wings... can't hear you, Dean. The ice is thick. Can't see the ground any more. Not sure I'll make it. Sorry, everybody..."

"YOU CAN'T GIVE UP!!" I slam my hand down on the console. I probably broke something, but none of it is doing any good right now anyhow.

"You promised me a Christmas present, Jaye." I'm crying. I lost her. I shouldn't have done this.

"zzztt...sing to me, Dean...."

Sing? Like that's going to help. Crap. Crap.

How can I sing to her. She can't even hear me right. And I'm blubbering like a little kid. I never should have done this...



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