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Vignettes: Operation Bethlehem, Part II

Doc K is probably going to kill me. Assuming the Nightmares don't - but they've been trying for 8 whole years now and haven't done it yet. I had to convince Dean to sneak me into Control in the middle of the night and be my Anchor. No way Stephanie or Keith would have gone for it. For one thing, they're both still pretty raw from losing Rainy and Anita. For another, they're too grown up to believe in my plan. Like Doc.
Dean isn't really trained all the way yet, and he's kind of a goofball, but I knew all I really had to do was tell him it was a Secret Mission and he'd be all for it. He's a dork, but he is kind of cute when he gets excited about stuff. I made him promise not to look while I got into the cylinder, though. It's one thing when he's training with Andy, but I'm a girl. And I know where all the stuff goes and how to set it up, anyhow.

His voice is coming over the speaker now. "Jaye, everything looks.... um... yeah, everything looks okay. Are you sure we have clearance to do this without Doc or Dana?"

"No, silly! We totally don't. That's why it's a Secret Mission."

"Maybe we shouldn't be here. We could get in trouble. Or you could get hurt."

Great. NOW he gets nervous. Better play my trump card. "You're the only one I could count on, Dean. This is really important. It's for Christmas."

"Ummm.... yeah, but I still don't really get how that's supposed to work. I mean, Santa Claus isn't one of them, is he?"

"No, Dean. You're 10. You know Santa is just a story about Christmas, and we have to be Santa for each other. At least, until today. Today, I'm going to be Santa for everybody."

"I don't think we should do this."

I can't believe he's chickening out on me now. Gulp. Plan C.

"Dean. If you do this for me, I promise you'll get something for Christmas this year that you'll never forget. There are some good things about anchoring for a girl instead of smelly old Andy, you know."

"Ahhh... er... you're sure we won't get caught?"

I cross my fingers. There's no way if this works that Doc ... heck, everybody... isn't going to know it was me. "I can't promise you, but I'm pretty sure."

"Okay. You better be. Operation Bethlehem is go. Launch when ready."

The name I came up with sounds dumb now that he says it like this. But I can't stop now. I put my mind into neutral, and listen to the ticking of the magnets as the cylinder warms up. Before I know it, I'm in the other world.

Sure hope this works.



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