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Friday Fail: The Christmas Episode

No Friday Flicks this week, because I suck. Well, and because it's a crazy busy time of year.

I did spend about an hour last night fruitlessly searching for this half-remembered thing with a Gunpla Christmas Choir... but the remembered half did not apparently mesh up with the internet's memories.

Christmas episodes. They're not quite as obligatory as beach/hot springs/etc vacation episodes, but they do turn up a fair bit in the source material. Not so often that I can think of in mecha stories - they're more of a romance motif, as you might imagine - but they're out there.

Hmmm... but Bliss Stage is a mecha story with broad romance elements....

How would you do a "Christmas episode" in your Bliss Stage game?

Watch for next week's Vignette to see my answer, but I'm interested in yours!


I handle it something like this.
"Winter. Holiday."

"Yes. To keep up morale, because you did such a fine job with Operation Dhampyr."

"No, I get that, Dad. But 'winter holiday?' Really?"

"Do YOU know that everyone here is Christian?"

"Madre de fuckin Di... Okay, hands up everyone in this room who celebrates Christmas."

"Wait, you do, Anna?"

"Let's see, parents trying to fit in in America for the 6 years before the fan hit the deep shit..."

"Yeah, that's everyone in the room, Dad."

"FINE, boy. CHRISTMAS party."

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