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Friday Fail: The Christmas Episode

No Friday Flicks this week, because I suck. Well, and because it's a crazy busy time of year.

I did spend about an hour last night fruitlessly searching for this half-remembered thing with a Gunpla Christmas Choir... but the remembered half did not apparently mesh up with the internet's memories.

Christmas episodes. They're not quite as obligatory as beach/hot springs/etc vacation episodes, but they do turn up a fair bit in the source material. Not so often that I can think of in mecha stories - they're more of a romance motif, as you might imagine - but they're out there.

Hmmm... but Bliss Stage is a mecha story with broad romance elements....

How would you do a "Christmas episode" in your Bliss Stage game?

Watch for next week's Vignette to see my answer, but I'm interested in yours!


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