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Ready for Launch!

A lot of progress in Northern Cross : 2021 in the last month, and now we are about to start Session 1 on Monday. The cast is set, the city of Lakeland and Lakeland University are sketched out, and Hopes have been chosen. I've wrestled Roll20 into submission, despite needing to create a massive number of "characters" to represent all the relationships.

Now we get to find out what happens.

Follow along if you like.

Northern Cross 2021

My learning curve was quicker than expected. I would say I'm about 75% confident that my Roll20 hacking has produced something usable. Art search is the real bear, always and forever.

I am running a pretty "hard sf" Bliss Stage scenario, essentially a reboot of my beloved Northern Cross game of 2009. My intent is something that is several large steps away from the more typical anime-style Bliss Stage games I see and more in the vein of contemporary American young adult SF. It's also a little different in that I am playing with some religious themes - not sure those will go anywhere once actual players are engaged and we've picked Hopes, but they're seeded in the framework.

As you may have noticed, I'm front-loading a good deal of material, more than is usual. My experience has been that the blank paper Session Zero works well for established groups who know the game, and less well for groups that lack either one of those qualities - one or two players end up driving most of the decisions, or we all just draw a blank. This one will probably lack both prior play history and game familiarity, so I am trying to hit that fine edge where I define enough to give people some purchase but not so much as to hem them in. We'll see how it goes.

The game's Obsidian Portal site is up, although fairly bare-bones since there hasn't been a Session Zero yet.

I will continue to post updates on our progress.

I think I need an Anchor for this!

Hello, Bliss Stage fans. I am still here - as you may have noticed, not much new in Bliss Stage news of late, and I haven't been playing lately either. So I am taking a new step for me. I'm going to give online play a go. I've never been a big fan, but the tools are really looking a lot better than they ever have before. Figuring out how to make the game work well in that medium is an adventure. I am stretching the conceptual model of pretty far outside the normal D&D-centric paradigm, but I think it will work well once I get the hang of it. Check out this beauty of a screen:
You can even roll the dice and move them around, and relationship tokens will be assignable to the ANIMa slots. Not really planning to start playing until July or so given my other commitments, but hoping this works out well. If any of my readers are interested in helping me test this thing out or in joining a game at some point, let me know!

New allies for the Resistance

If you love Bliss Stage, you'll probably be happy to see another RPG tackling the teenagers & giant robots genre. It's a different approach for sure, but definitely promising - plus, a great design team!

Tears of a Machine only has a few days left on the Kickstarter, and still a ways to go, so give it a look!

Play Aids for Bliss Stage

Thought I should try to gather as much of this into one post as I could, so as to make it easier to keep up.

These are things I have created to help run the game:

A Pilot Record Sheet for individual players

A Social Matrix sheet for GMs

A spreadsheet with various tools for tracking values and events during the game. Most useful for online play.

A template and a set of icons for use in online play

A set of pilot templates useful for Session Zero

An outline for guiding Session Zero, containing all the steps and questions to consider when setting up a game and creating the Resistance.

Please let me know if you run across other tools or resources!
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