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New allies for the Resistance

If you love Bliss Stage, you'll probably be happy to see another RPG tackling the teenagers & giant robots genre. It's a different approach for sure, but definitely promising - plus, a great design team!

Tears of a Machine only has a few days left on the Kickstarter, and still a ways to go, so give it a look!

Play Aids for Bliss Stage

Thought I should try to gather as much of this into one post as I could, so as to make it easier to keep up.

These are things I have created to help run the game:

A Pilot Record Sheet for individual players

A Social Matrix sheet for GMs

A spreadsheet with various tools for tracking values and events during the game. Most useful for online play.

A template and a set of icons for use in online play

A set of pilot templates useful for Session Zero

An outline for guiding Session Zero, containing all the steps and questions to consider when setting up a game and creating the Resistance.

Please let me know if you run across other tools or resources!

Zzap! Wake up!

It has been quite a while. Eventually, I had to make a decision whether to get back in the cockpit for good, and I decided not to go quietly.

With all extremely quiet regarding the future of Bliss Stage as a published game and not a lot of buzz generally, I'm not sure how much value I add for people who like the game, but I do still get the urge to talk about it some times, and I do still produce things I hope are useful for other players out there. So don't expect a lot of posting from me, but DO expect some.

For starters, here is a new and improved Pilot Control Sheet for your enjoyment! I think it represents a major improvement over the older ones that are floating around out there somewhere.

A couple housekeeping notes, as well.

1. The WIKI quietly disappeared a while back. It required more upkeep than I was willing to put in for the minimal value it added.

2. I'm back to being sole proprietor. No animus intended at all to my former partners-in-blogging, just a desire to have this be a one-man show if it's to go on.

Interview with Ben Lehman at MiniEnt

Just read an interesting interview with Bliss Stage creator Ben Lehman over at MiniEnt. Bliss Stage-related tidbits are fairly slim, but I was very interested in his comments about some other games in the pipeline, including

Clover - heartwarming slice-of-life

Hot Guys Making Out - steamy yaoi romance

As-yet untitled - psychological survival horror in the Silent Hill vein

Go read!

Stage Management?

Getting ready to play the current version of my Bliss Stage one-shot with some friends next Tuesday. They've never played anything quite like it, and are skeptical but intrigued enough to give it a try in a one-evening format.

I'm planning to experiment with something new as far as how I play the game in this session, and it's something I haven't seen discussed much for any game, let alone Bliss Stage. I am breaking the usual pattern of sitting around a table or in comfy chairs, all facing each other.

I'm setting up the play space such that for mission scenes, there is a Pilot seat (facing away from the rest of the group and a bit apart), and an Anchor seat that is BEHIND the Pilot facing to the side. I always stand up to GM anyhow, so I'll be moving around as needed to facilitate.

The Pilot player gets a Mission Control sheet and a dice box, and that's it. The Anchor will hand over dice as requested, and also do the record-keeping on the Pilot's relationship map sheet.

I am hoping that this will punch up the experience of missions, and in particular the isolation and uncertainty of them. Anybody else ever try anything like this?

I'll report back next week after I see how it works!
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